07/09/2017 - 17:15
Tidspunkt og varighed: 
17:15 - 2 timwer
Warehouse 9, Kødbyen Vesterbro
Copenhagen Living Lab

Nurse meet nerd

The dialogs and collaborations between digital entrepreneurs - the nerds - and health care professionals - the nurses - are rare and few.  This will have to change, if we are to succeed with a transformation towards a sustainable health system.

Join a discussion on whom and how to transform health care. The discussion will be initiated by:
Martin Ågerup (Writer): ” The welfare sector is a protected workshop where competition from innovative entrepreneurs is not welcomed. But in the coming years we will need radical innovation and the will to experiment with completely new ways to deliver welfare.”

Katrine Fridthjof (Nurse): "For many patients, quality of life is about time. About the freedom to do what they care for, while in treatment ".
The chemotherapy is delivered through an intelligent pump in a backpack that patients can bring everywhere: "The biggest barrier in sending patients home with a backpack has been with myself."

Klaus Phanareth (MD): “Imagine a future where we all, regardless of education or wealth, have the power and the knowledge to take charge of our own health. Our healthcare system will coach, support and empower us in using its services to do so anytime we need it”